Our Sunday school curriculum is based on that of Machar, a Humanistic Jewish congregation in Washington, D.C., whose aim is to provide a secular, Humanistic Jewish educational experience that helps children find and cherish an identity that fits them and their lives. The curriculum is focused on the following key elements:

Tikkun Olam, “Repair of the World”: Social justice issues are addressed didactically and a project to help the community is integrated into the curriculum of each class.

Critical thinking: Students are encouraged to ask questions and not just accept given answers.

Jewish holidays and life cycle events: Each of the major holidays is addressed within a humanistic framework.

Music: In the Sunday school music is learned in class and singing often happens during the last 30 minutes when families gather together for announcements and activities. Holiday celebrations are also filled with singing and music.

Yiddish and Hebrew: Hebrew and Yiddish words are studied to allow familiarity with these important aspects of Jewish culture. Some students spend additional time studying Hebrew outside of Sunday School.

Young people at Kol Haskalah: A Humanistic Jewish Congregation learn powerful and relevant lessons about Jewish history and values in a way that really resonates with them. Many of them come back as Sunday School teachers themselves in their high school and college years, which is a testament to the positive effect of their experience.

Currently the Sunday School meets twice per month at Murphey Hall (Classics Building) on the UNC Campus. Classroom instruction begins at 10am-11:30am. At 11:30am parents and children meet for singing and announcements. Educational programs or discussion groups are often offered for adults while the children are attending Sunday School. At other times, parents opt to chat at a coffee shop on nearby Franklin Street.