HUMANIST ROCK OF AGES (Lyrics by Paul Bogas)

Rock of Ages is to me
Family, friends and community.
To each show the kindness you want shown you.
Remember others struggle too.
Come and lift your voices high.
And pledge to keep our common values alive.

When I feel weak, what can I do?
Find my strength in me and in you.
(Sing Stanza Twice)

Be a Rock of Ages for each other.
For humankind, our sisters and brothers.
Fight to make our world more free
From hatred, hunger and tyranny.
Let’s join our hands and hearts as one.
Champions of Tikkun Olam.

When you feel strong, what should you do?
Find those who need a friend like you.
(Sing Stanza Twice)

Lyrics copyright © 2015 Paul Bogas